16TH JUNE 2019 

An experimental film festival
without jury nor prize...

New, Other, Odd is...

A film festival aiming to explore the boundaries of contemporary filmmaking, manifested as a creative platform for presenting new experimental methods, narratives, techniques, and aesthetics. 

With the intention to elaborate discussions between the artists and the audience, we hope to create a room for thought to be well digested as the source of energy it surely is.

We seek to comprehend abstract ideas, embrace the odd and thereby neglect the conform stigma of mainstream media.

We wish to separate image and movement, to distinguish sound from noise and to juxtapose disciplines of culture.

By connection and touch, New, Other, Odd aspire to decentralize and spread the roots to the highest treetop on the steepest hill.

Salon 75, Copenhagen
, Filmhøjskolen Møn, Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon, Snabslanten.

Free admission, 12.00 - 24.00, films, popcorn, salon, uncomfortable chairs, afterparty and much more fun!

salon discussions initiated by

Foreningen Filmsaloner